1. Why the name "PNEUMA Ministries International"?

The name "PNEUMA Ministries International" was given as a prophetic call by the Spirit of God to continue to do in the Spirit what Jesus Christ began to both do and teach. We are called to be a "Spirit empowered network of like-minded churches continuing in obedience to the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) for the glory of God!"


2. What does PNEUMA Ministries International believe?

(Please refer to our "STATEMENT OF FAITH"): 


3. What distinguishes PMI from others?

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4. How do I become a PMI church plant candidate or partner church?

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*We encourage you to create strategic opportunities for us to spend time with your leadership and church!

5. What does a PMI Church look like? 

A church that is Spirit-empowered and like-minded and have entered into a covenant with churches to help plant churches.