PNEUMA Ministries International Leadership Institute offers free, online resources for those who are among our partner churches, at all levels. Whether you’re an apostolic leader, pastor, small-group leader, or simply someone who wants to gain a better understanding of the way of discipleship in Christ, we have resources to help equip you for ministry. Most courses offer free supplemental content—such as individual and small-group study guides—which makes it easy to adapt our content into any ministry’s Bible-training program. We want to make the truth of God's word understandable and accessible to every person around the world. That’s why we offer quality courses that enable you to accomplish this at your own pace for free. Enroll today!

PMI Leadership Institute

The PMI Leadership Institute exists to provide accurate instruction in foundational, Biblical Doctrines & proper, as well as effective ministry practice. In addition, to classroom instruction, a number of online classes are available. Our Leadership Institute is designed to teach, impart, train, & develop current & potential leaders of all ages. Those completing this program will receive a Certificate of Biblical Doctrine & Christian Leadership.

School of Apostolic Restoration

Affiliated ministry gifts are trained at the School of Apostolic Restoration (SOAR) headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina or via another designated location and/or platform. This affords the ministry gift the opportunity to continue relationship building with those who comprise PMI. This multiple-day intensive equipping and training process, provides the time and environment to further covenant relationships through the Holy Spirit’s enablement. We believe that this will be a time of unforgettable experiences with the Lord as each person receives apostolic training and equipping, prophetic impartation, physical and emotional healing and the integration of New Testament Realities into their lives.

School of Equipping

SOE is a two-year training institution that exists to develop leaders and ministry gifts for the church. Our aim is to provide biblically accurate instruction and impartation for a generation of believers and leaders who desire to return to true New Testament devotion, doctrine, order and practice; We call these New Testament Realities (NTR). Resources, experiences, knowledge, understanding and wisdom is shared and imparted by those who function in the "five-fold" vocational ministry.

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